Detailed Description

The smallest and, for its size, the most efficient followspot on the market. The 150mm front lens coupled with condenser optics ensures a performance which is surprising in a 650 Watt unit. Ideal for small venues, schools and clubs.

*Image shows fitted with colour changer Z0019 not included as standard*

Product Features

Features on this unit include: Built-in iris and blackout with the lever beneath the unit for ease of operation; Four beam-shaping shutters; Quadrant friction balancing; Side and rear operators handles; Optional extra accessory colour change magazine. To give a “peaked” or “flat” beam, the lamp position is adjustable. The heat-resistant fromt and rear handles and the “T” shaped tilt locking handle give easy, cool control when adjusting the unit’s position.


Once the decision has been made, Specialty Theatre will deliver and install the spotlights of your choice and then provide a no-fuss back up service, as and when required.  Whether your venue is a large opera house or a small community theatre, we’ll be happy to help, so contact us today.

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