Visual Displays & Projectors

Theatres increasingly use projected images to complement stage sets.  Illusions of motion, landscapes and distance that would otherwise be too difficult or too expensive to create can be easily incorporated into modern productions by projecting them onto stage screens, or cycloramas.


Specialty Theatre can provide a wide range of digital projectors to suit any theatre budget.  What’s more, our highly qualified technical team can assist you in deciding which projection solution is best suited to your venue. We can deliver and install wall or ceiling mounted models, and Specialty Theatre also supplies a range of portable projectors, as well as all necessary accessories, so regardless of your requirements or budget, we have a solution to suit.


Once the projector is installed, Specialty Theatre will also provide no-fuss after sales service support, wherever your theatre is located.  Phone or e-mail us today to see if we have a projector that can help bring your productions to life.

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