Velveteen Theatre Fabric, 1500mm widths

Velveteen is a cost effective alternative to velvet theatre curtains and drapes.  Made from woven cotton or polyester theatre fabric, velveteen has a short, dense pile surface, specifically designed to closely resemble its namesake, velvet. 


While velveteen has slightly less sheen than velvet, and does not drape as easily, this fabric has become increasingly popular in the manufacture of theatrical curtains like the main drape or backdrop curtain.  Our technical team can design one that’s right for your theatre, regardless of the size and shape.  We also offer an installation service and a complete after-sales service guarantee. 


Specialty Theatre can offer velveteen with the following specifications:

  • 1.5 metre widths
  • Fabric weights from 200 to 280 gsm.
  • Flame retardant to AS1530 standards (Parts 2 & 3, NDFR)




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