Teasers & Tormentors

The proscenium opening or arch is part of the base building architecture and therefore has fixed proportions that can’t easily be changed.  Teasers and tormentors are stage curtains, sometimes fixed and sometimes movable, that are placed immediately upstage of the proscenium arch to reduce or reshape the size of the opening.


A teaser, or top masking, is a horizontal curtain, attached to a batten and hung upstage of the proscenium and just behind the front-of-house curtain, that reduces the height of the proscenium.


Tormentors, or side maskings, are vertical strage drapes –usually hung on battens attached to travellers running on stage track— that reduce the visual width of the stage for certain scenes.  Like the teaser, the tormentors are usually mounted just upstage of the main drape and downstage of any additional legs or borders.


Specialty Theatre uses high-quality theatre fabrics to make teasers and tormentors to our customers’ precise specifications and requirements. Whatever the size of the theatre or shape of the stage, we can design stage curtains in all shapes and configurations, and in a wide variety of colours. We install them as well and offer a comprehensive after-sales service. Call or e-mail us to see how we can enhance your theatre’s appearance and functionality.

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