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Fire Safety Curtains, Sydney, NSW

At Specialty Theatre, our fire safety curtains can be designed to meet your specific needs in Sydney.

Fire Safety Curtains in Sydney, New South WalesWhy take chances? If there is a fire, wouldn’t you want as many options as possible to dampen flames and provide resistance to the fire while your building is evacuated? At Specialty Theatre, we understand that having a plan in the event of a fire is essential, and that’s why fire safety curtains are a key component in your fire safety system. We can not only create and install fire safety curtains at your venue, but we also provide fire-retardant accessories to ensure your audience, employees, and performers are protected.

Most building codes require motorised, self-closing fire curtains to protect your audience in these types of events. Regular testing of fire curtains is now mandatory, and it is important to take responsibility in making sure your fire safety curtains and accessories are all in good working order.

At Specialty Theatre, our fire safety curtains can be designed to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Brail or Straight Lift – Depending upon the structure and architecture of your building, you may prefer brail or straight lift fire safety curtains for your space.
  • Manual or Motorised – If you would like to be able to raise and lower your fire safety curtains in non-emergency operations, we offer both manual and motorised options.

All fire safety curtains close automatically when tripped, but it is essential that your curtains and fire safety accessories are checked regularly for efficiency and effectiveness in Sydney, New South Wales. Don’t take chances – contact us at Specialty Theatre today to get started. We’ll help you create a safer space for each production at your venue.


Fire Safety Curtains