Servicing your Theatre Equipment


Servicing your Theatre EquipmentJust like any public building, theatre venues need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure everything is in a safe, working condition.


Opening night is nerve-racking enough without your performers having to worry about malfunctioning equipment, like speakers that don’t work or lights that refuse to turn on…


It’s important you regularly service your theatre equipment, even if you don’t think anything is wrong. It’s better to prevent problems from happening, than rushing to solve them 10 minutes before the curtains go up.


Here are some things to check regularly:


  • Is your safety equipment still functioning and adhering to all building codes and regulations? Ensure that you have a venue safety inspection every year. This will help ensure that any hazards are identified before they become real problems, and that any faulty equipment is identified and replaced before someone is harmed.
  • Are your speakers and sound systems working properly?
  • Does your main drape need to be pressed and rehung?
  • Is your stage lighting working?
  • Are your seats clean and undamaged?


Always ensure you work with experienced riggers and senior theatre technicians, who not only know what to look for when there’s a problem, but who also have the technical expertise and know-how to fix whatever is wrong.

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