Seat Numbering Systems

When the lights go down, and the show is about to begin, it’s quite likely a few people still won’t have taken their seats.  Trying to find those seats in the dark can be frustrating for the late-comer, and especially so for other members of the audience.


Specialty Theatre can help, with both illuminated and non-illuminated seat numbering solutions, suitable for any theatre, concert hall or other performance venue.  Getting your patrons into their seats safely and quickly is much easier when they can clearly see their row and seat numbers, even in low-light conditions.  Our seat numbering systems use low-energy LED illumination, with indetectable heat output.


Specialty Theatre’s highly skilled technical team will be happy to explain just how simple it can be to install a seat numbering system at your venue.  Contact us today, and get those customers into their seats quicker and more safely than ever before.

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