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Molton/Duvetyne/Rokel Theatre Fabric

Molton theatre fabric is becoming increasingly popular with theatres everywhere.  Manufactured from an opaque, brushed cotton cloth, Molton theatre fabric is an extremely economical alternative to wool.


Also known as Duvetyen or Rokel fabric, Molton is used in a wide variety of theatre applications, including the making of stage drapes, the main drape, backdrops, and many other masking applications.  At Specialty Theatre, we supply Molton theatre fabric that is fire retardant to AS1530 standards.  In addition, our Molton theatre fabric comes in an extra-wide 3-metre format, making it exceptionally efficient when used to mask large areas. 


We supply this fabric in a wide range of colours, including black, white and grey, as well as a wide variety of colours available through special order.  Our comprehensive service package includes the design and installation of any application your theatre requires.  Contact us to see how our company can meet your fabric requirements.


  • 3.0 metre widths
  • 300 GSM 
  • Flame retardant to AS 1530, Parts 2 & 3 (NDFR)
  • Available in black, white, grey and many other colours by special order


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