Mixers & Amplifiers

Theatre sets may look stunning.   The lighting may be dramatic and ultra-effective in setting the appropriate mood.  Costumes may be worthy of a Broadway production.  If the sound system lets you down, however, everything else is rendered virtually meaningless.


Specialty Theatre can provide the highest quality audio equipment at a surprisingly affordable price.  Whether your venue is large or small, our mixers will create the perfect blends of music, vocals and sound effects, and our amplifiers will ensure that those sounds are effectively transmitted to every corner of the theatre.  Our specialist technical team will be happy to call to your venue and work with you to achieve the finest possible acoustic solution.  Specialty Theatre can supply and install a full range of theatre equipment, from seating to curtains, and scrims to specialist lighting.   


It doesn’t matter where you’re located, we’ll come to you, so why not contact us today.



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