Hearing Assistance

Specialty Theatre can help you provide an induction loop hearing system that will enhance the audio enjoyment of any presentation for hearing-impaired visitors.


Our systems not only amplify the music, voices and sound effects coming from stage, they improve sound quality by filtering out background noise. Induction loops work by means of a wire that literally runs around the theatre and is connected to an amplifier. When the current from the amplifier passes through the loop, it creates a magnetic field and safely transmits directly to a telecoil, a device contained within most modern hearing aids.  Those aids which don’t have a telecoil can easily have one fitted.  Our experienced technical team will be happy to go through the details with you.


Specialty Theatre also supplies FM broadcast and amplification systems for any venue, large or small.  We deliver, install and provide reliable after-sales service, too, so contact us today to find out more.


To read about the legislative requirements for hearing loops as per the Australian Building Code please click here.

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