Front-of-House Curtain

The front-of-house curtain has several “stage names,” if you’ll pardon the play on words.  Also known as the house curtain, act curtain, grand drape, main drape, or even the main rag, this is the large curtain at the very front of the stage.  As versatile as they are attractive, front-of-house curtains can be drawn in a variety of ways, including traveller, wipe, Venetian and Tableau.


Front-of-house curtains aren’t just the visual buffer between the audience and the stage.  They also act as an acoustic barrier, a characteristic achieved via the materials used in production.  Velvet front-of-house curtains are a particular favourite for theatres that want to provide a plush, rich appearance.  Heavy theatre wool can also provide a glamorous appearance, as well as the acoustic qualities required.


At Specialty Theatre, we design and custom make front-of-house curtains to suit any theatre, no matter how large or small, and wherever you’re located.  Once we’ve cut, stitched and assembled your curtain to your precise requirements, we’ll install it, too.  In the unlikely event that service is required after installation, we offer a “no fuss” guarantee.


Contact us today, and let us show you how we can help give your theatre a glamorous new look.

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