Filled Cloth Theatre Fabric

Filled cloth is a theatre fabric mainly used in the manufacture of cycloramas.  These curtains are becoming incredibly popular in theatres everywhere, because they make it possible for images to be projected onto the stage, with dramatic effect.  They allow live presentations and cinematic effects to co-exist on stage, giving the audience the best of both worlds.


Filled cloth fabric is soft and crease resistant, and normally made from cotton.  The name “filled fabric” comes from the fact that the material is literally gauze, but with the holes filled in.  At Specialty Theatre, we supply filled cloth fabric to suit any theatre requirement.  Whatever the size and shape of your stage, our technical team can design and supply the fabric you require.  Our filled cloth theatre fabric is available in the following formats:


If your theatre or stage needs filled cloth theatre fabric, please consider Specialty Theatre.   Contact us  today, to see how we can help.


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