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Sound Isolation, Sydney, NSW

We offer several Wenger brand sound isolation options so you can achieve your goals in Sydney.

Sound Isolation in Sydney, New South WalesWhether you are recording a music album or you simply make a lot of noise, when you need to isolate your sound in one area from the sound in another, having the right sound isolation equipment is essential. At Specialty Theatre, we know creating the perfect sound-proof space can be a challenge, but we offer several Wenger brand sound isolation options so you can achieve your goals in Sydney, New South Wales.

Acoustical Doors – These pre-engineered doors are designed to fit perfectly, no matter what kind of room you need sound isolation for. Accommodating virtually any wall thickness, you’ll never have to worry about cracks or gaps that let sound through.
Broadcast & Recording Rooms – Wenger’s portable broadcast & recording rooms allow you to set up a space with sound isolation in as little as a few hours. With no requirements to make it a permanent fixture, you can use these rooms for any of your broadcasting and recording needs.
Studio VAE Technology – Sometimes having the right equipment makes sound isolation even better. With Studio VAE technology and upgrades, you can easily install this equipment in any space with the capability to playback, record, and download performances with ease.
If you are interested in our sound isolation options, please contact us at Specialty Theatre today. We are proud to offer high-quality Wenger products that truly help you achieve the sound quality you need at your space or venue, and we are available to assist with installation as needed. You will enjoy these products and the results!


Sound Isolation